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How can Traditional Chinese medicine assist mental health?

So, I’m not a counsellor or a psychotherapist, but the angle I come from is looking at how the state of the body is affecting the mind. This is done by gaining a picture of the body’s organs, energy and immune systems. For example. If the digestive organs are functioning optimally, then the brain-mind is likely to be supplied with good quality fuel for clear, open and creative thought. If the same organs are blocked up and/or functioning sub-optimally, you may experience a lack of vitality and clarity, manifesting as brain fog, mental dullness, depression and/or anxiety.

Often times, mental illness has roots in deeper trauma and psychological complexes, which of course may require counselling or psychotherapy to heal. But there are also times when our susceptibility to states such as excessive rumination, anxiety, and depression are largely coming from the state of the body. This side of it can be managed by learning how to live in a balanced way in which the body can function optimally, in addition to the correction of mechanisms via practical medicines such as Chinese herbal medicine.

If you do have problems that require talking therapies, I would still recommend a body-correcting intervention such as Chinese herbal medicine alongside it. Improving the body-mind relationship can assist in being able to work through issues effectively and productively, and allow us to see things more clearly, and less reactively.