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Improving digestive function through Traditional Chinese medicine

Your digestion is your foundation. It is the seat of energy production, your ability to create the motive force to tackle life. Your ability to absorb and assimilate food and drink can also represent your ability to metabolise the experience of life itself. There are a few factors that can affect digestive health. These include what you eat & how you eat, in addition to external factors such as stress. You may eat and live quite well, but perhaps your body’s mechanisms just need to be reminded how they ought to function. That’s where Chinese herbal medicine comes in, I’ll illustrate this through a few examples.

You may have habitual constipation or diarrhoea. Your body may need to be reminded how to control how much water is entering the large colon, with the right herbal formula.

You may have habitual bloating. There is some reason that your digestive tract is stagnating. It may need warming with pungent medicinals, or it may need encouragement with herbs that move things along.

Your digestive symptoms may be worse with stress. Stress is a necessary ingredient of life, but perhaps your body is creating more tension than it needs to. We can use a herbal formula to improve your resilience to stress, inadvertently protecting digestive function. Food as medicine is also very important. If you’re wanting to create more ongoing balance with less fluctuations, it may be necessary to change habits around eating. This of course includes what you eat, but also how you eat, such as whether you’re eating in a relaxed state (good), or eating while working (not good).