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“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” Bruce Lee

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Modern life can ask a lot of us.

Sure, smashing the coffee and stimulants can keep you going for a while, but before long it only leaves you more and more drained and dried out.



Over it.

Stuck in it.

You can’t keep following this same path, you must make the choice to change things and get on top of it.

By the time we get into our thirties, we’ve typically already taxed ourselves. A revival of life energy and vitality is needed.

Perhaps you’re a father, you’re working full time to support the family. You’re struggling to take it all on. Working all the hours and doing your job well, and then having the energy and vitality to show up in family life.

Maybe you’re a mother, keeping up with the kids and doing your best to balance your career.

You might be a student, working towards being qualified in something you love, whilst at the same time working a job and holding up a relationship.

It’s a lot, but this is modern life, and we have to be able to take it on.

Your body knows whether it has the resources or not, which can influence our perspective on our life.

If your body doesn’t feel resourceful, then it can feel like the world is overwhelmingly on top of you. Life is too much; everything is a chore.

If there is sufficient resource, there can be less stress and worry because you feel that you can take it all on. Life is a challenge to take into your own hands, you can do it.

I really want to help you to feel on top of things.

I use an age-old herbal medicine system that can optimize your body’s resources and function.

There may be a need to optimize function, such as toning your body’s nervous system, clearing organ blockages, removing old immune complexes. Then we would likely work on replenishing resources, bringing you back to life.

We meet weekly for the first 4-6 weeks. This frequency assists us in tracking your progress and ensures we’re getting you on the right track. Then we may extend the visits out to fortnightly and so on. Likely we will work together for at least six months in a focused way, after which monthly maintenance is recommended.

Imbalances and insufficiencies have taken decades to get that way, so most often we need to work together for a while to support change. There is no magic pill for a quick fix. If sustainable change is desired, it will take time.

Let’s enjoy the journey together, let’s look after you properly.